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File a Pradaxa Lawsuit for Internal Bleeding and Other Side Effects

by on AUGUST 30, 2012

If you’ve ever lost a loved one due to the side effects caused by the anti-stroke drug Pradaxa, then you might be eligible to file for a Pradaxa Lawsuit. Like many other prescriptions, the manufacturer of the drug produced this drug without properly stating the dangers of it. Of course, it would not bring back your loved one or, if you are the one who is currently suffering from the side effects caused by Pradaxa, it would also not cure you of your condition, but at least you will be compensated for the pain and suffering that this condition has caused you, and those being sued will finally recognize that no crime goes unpunished.

But first, before you go for a Pradaxa lawsuit, what exactly is Pradaxa? What is it used for? And what are the risks involved in using this medication? Before consulting lawyers for aPradaxa lawsuit, it is much better to be armed with useful and accurate information, as this may spell the difference between a successful and a failed case.

Pradaxa Lawsuit

Pradaxa Lawsuit – What is Pradaxa?

Pradaxa is a drug that was developed by Boehringer Ingelheim, and it has anti-clotting and blood thinning properties which has been used to prevent strokes and arterial fibrillation on those who are susceptible to these types of conditions. It prevents blood clots from forming and travelling to other areas of a body, thus preventing strokes from occurring. As it is, Pradaxa is a good preventive measure for those who are highly at risk.

Pradaxa Lawsuit – Serious Side Effects

However, Pradaxa, also known by the generic name of dabigatran, also poses some serious side effects that can sometimes outweigh its benefits. Some less severe side effects include bruising, abdominal pain, ulcers, indigestion, acid reflux, and many more. More severe cases have been recorded where patients taking Pradaxa have experienced anaphylactic shock, allergic reaction, and liver dysfunctions. However, in more extreme cases, uncontrollable internal bleeding occurs, often in the brain or in other parts of the body. As compared to Coumadin, also known as warfarin, Pradaxa also poses a 33% higher risk of heart disease to those who are taking the latter.

In Japan and in the rest of the world, the FDA and its counterparts have received over 4,000 reports of conditions caused by Pradaxa, over 600 of which have resulted in deaths caused by hemorrhage. Studies have also been conducted by respected medical organizations worldwide with regards to the side effects of this drug, which was approved in 2010. Those over the age of 75 are more prone to internal bleeding and heart attacks caused by this drug, and the risks only increase for every year of continued use.

Pradaxa Lawsuit Form

Another strong point is that several food and drug restricting bodies, mainly the FDA, have issued safety warning for the use of Pradaxa. This has happened not only in the USA, but in Japan, Australia, and in parts of Europe, as well. Pradaxa is not recommended for those with existing liver or digestive conditions, for those who take aspirin, and for those who use Warfarin as well as other anti-inflammatory drugs.

With all these information already well known and well documented, it is a shame that many people have to suffer and even die due to the complications brought about by Pradaxa. Thus, a Pradaxa lawsuit is greatly advised, especially when the above information was not relayed to you by your doctor when prescribing medication. Only through this will you be properly compensated for the financial and emotional damage that hospitalization or death had caused you or your family.

There are various legal firms and counselors who specialize in cases such as these. You can either sue your doctor or the manufacturers of the drug themselves. These professional will provide you with sound legal advice as well as provide you with more information about the drug and your potential case. Some even offer consultation services for free, especially if you have a good case. You can file a Pradaxa lawsuit on your own, or even join a class action suit against Pradaxa’s manufacturers. It would only suit them right for bringing a cure that has even more dangerous risks.

Most Pradaxa lawsuits indicate medical malpractice when suing doctors. Your lawyers will advise you as to the best course of action. They will also be able to provide you with comprehensive and up to date information on Pradaxa and other lawsuits related to the situation. Information, on both medical and legal ends, will greatly help you in winning your case and being compensated for all your pain and suffering.

When filing for a Pradaxa lawsuit, you should find lawyers and consulted who have your best interests in mind. They should be able to offer both medical and legal options, as well as provide the pros and cons of each particular argument. Of course, they have to be certified in handling such cases, and you have to be assured that they will treat your case with absolute sensitivity and professionalism.

Pradaxa may have helped countless individuals in preventing instances of stroke. However, the risks of such medication must not be overlooked. Even if the number people saved far outnumber the number of people affected by the side effects of Pradaxa, a life is still a life, and each life is worth fighting for. Thus, a Pradaxa lawsuit will strive to fight for a life lost of life affected due to these debilitating side effects. Through this, hopefully better regulation of Pradaxa as well as more stringent safety measures would be implemented so that no one else would have to suffer through this again.

If you or your loved one has suffered through internal bleeding or other complications due to the use of Pradaxa, you may consult your lawyer and determine whether you have a strong case. A Pradaxa lawsuit can greatly help in covering medical costs, as well as help alleviate the pain and suffering, as well as the inconvenience and frustration caused by this anti-stroke drug with hidden dangers and complications. Fill out the form to the right to see if you are eligible for a Pradaxa lawsuit.

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